Absolutely the best services in business management and development, B2B sales and procurement, opening export-import channels, marketing, social media management and content creation, and promoting international cooperation.
We start and grow our clients' B2B sales in various business sectors and mainly in foreign and export markets. We create and implement new export concepts, marketing plans and necessary logistics solutions. We find new buyers and dealers-distributors in Europe and all over the world.
We launch our clients' foreign offices, subsidiaries and operations in foreign countries (for example, we  just completed a project for one of our clients in Spain to build from scratch a new B2B wholesale and distribution network with online wholesale platforms).
We participate in product development and design processes to ensure the best compliance of products with the requirements and regulations of the target countries and customer preferences.
We source raw materials, semi-finished products and subcontracting manufacturing services from different countries (we are partners in the sourcing and logistics services company China-Europe Sourcing & Logistics OÜ www.china2europe.eu, which operates mainly in the China-Europe direction, but we have experience of supply management from many other countries).
We create design concepts and content for our clients' websites and online stores (www.vapeboom.eu, www.vapeventa.es, www.china2europe.eu, www.concprot.com).