China-Europe Sourcing & Logistics OÜ is owned by good partners, the founders of RicChi OÜ and Absolute B2B OÜ which started importing disposable electronic cigarettes from China to Europe in 2021. Due to enriching and successful cooperation with Chinese manufacturers and international shipping companies it was decided to exploit the obained accomplished experience and created logistics solutions to provide services to other European companies as well.
With a professional team with extensive international business know-how, proficiency of guanxi and other Chinese business practices, and well-selected partners, we are able to find the right manufacturers and products in China for our European customers and to arrange the most optimal transportation to Europe.
We offer: procurement management, container transport, road transport, railway transport, sea transport, air transport, warehousing-distribution, customs agency services at exceptionally good freight and service tariffs.
For goods imported into European Union that require registration or a retail license (such as the retail sale of e-cigarettes in Spain and Germany), we can also provide services to deal with the authorities of the Member States of the European Union and to carry out the necessary procedures and obtain permits.
We fulfill each order as tailor-made work, focus on the customer’s individual needs in every detail and make our specific offers on the most favorable and customer-friendly terms possible to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction.